Friday, 28 November 2014

Syracuse University in the state of New York is exhibiting work from students, faculty and alumni from Leeds College of Art. The exhibition is called 'Tacit knowledge', looking at the shared understanding, trust and learning between all those at Leeds College of Art. One of my pieces was lucky enough to be selected, I am made up to be a part of this exhibition as it is a huge opportunity and to be a part in the international relationship with the arts at Syracuse University.

Part of the piece being exhibited.
Wood with resin inlaid with tobacco, paracetamol and lace.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

a-n News is an amazing website for all kinds of professional practitioners interested in sharing their ideas about the visual arts and whats going on in the UK. With a fantastic network of members connected up and down the country, a-n can have a real effect on tackling the big issues facing an individual artist's projects, gallery funding or campaigning against government cuts in the arts and art education. Keep all it's members up to date and with the right support, a-n is one of the most important and influential art organisations in the country.  Their membership packages includes £5m Public and Products Liability insurance, so your covered for any damages when you exhibit your work!
a-n is a valuable source for any artist. It is a well of information and has guides for all kinds of practicing artists. With over 19,000 members, it is well worth being a part of it.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Researching other platforms and blogs, I started by looking at East Street Arts members platform. East Street Arts is a Leeds based organisation supporting local artists in a variety of ways from studio spaces to events. I looked at East Street Arts member Rufus Newell's profile, a graduate of Leeds College of Art. His profile is professional and clear, photographs of his work are the first thing that catch your eye because they are bold and set to the top center of the page. The photographs are clear and professional. They are in a slide show so they are easy to view and inform you visually about his work.
Newell gives a clear and concise overview of his work and his background in Leeds which is direct and informative, giving the reader a good sense of what his work is about and how he is a member of 'Precious' art collective in Leeds. He provides links to his website and the 'Precious' collectives Facebook page. Providing good links for the viewer and promotion of his professional work.
The East Streets Art members profiles is a great support and online networking tool, they are a well known organisation with great links with other professional art organisations, giving their members a great step forward in show casing their work on a professional level in the online art world.