Saturday, 28 November 2015

Creative Networks event: Giles Deacon

I went to the creative networks event where Giles Deacon was the speaker. He was great to listen to and had great advice for future creatives wanting to make their own way in the industry. Although he is from a different discipline it was still useful to hear how he got sponsors for his shows and gained contacts, working his way up the ladder and finally starting his own company. Inspiring talk and a great event.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Graduate Forum: Martin Darbyshire and Lydia Brockless artist talks

Martin Darbyshire graduated from Leeds College of Art last year, so I knew his work quite well, but hearing what he's been up to since then was really interesting and useful thinking ahead to when I graduate. He is now studying for his MA at Glasgow School of Art, an internationally recognised art school.

Lydia Brockless graduated from Leeds College of Art two years ago, and has since gone on to become a working artist based in Kent. She is currently exhibiting as part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries at ICA London. A fantastic opportunity showcasing up and coming artists.

Graduate forum: Georgia Lucas Going artist talk

The graduate forum 2015 was a great success this year, I really enjoyed Georgia's talk, who was the creative in residence when I was in first year. Other than the fact her intro music to the lecture theater was awesome her talk was funny, informative and inspiring. Hearing from someone who started in the same place as you is truly heartening. Especially as she has achieved so much since she graduated 5 years ago. She is now on the Fine Art MA at the Slade School of Art!! Even when things didn't always go her way, she kept going with a lot of determination. If I am anywhere near where she is now in 5 years time, I'll know I'm doing the right thing!

Her advice:

  • Contact artist's you would like to work with
  • Get ready for no's
  • Try and make yourself stand out
  • Your portfolio takes time
  • Organise your own events
"You will make shit art, but then you will make amazing art"

Best artist talk I've been to!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Curating exhibitions at Inkwell Arts

I am part of the exhibitions team at Inkwell Arts, it's been a great exhibition as they run exhibitions of students work from Inkwell. Giving the students the opportunity to show their work and gain confidence and experience in their own artistic practices. I help out by arranging the works on the floor first in the order we want them in, then work out the center point of each work and measuring it onto the wall in pencil which is rubbed out later. I also help write up and print out exhibition information such as labeling each piece and mounting them on foam board. It's been a great learning experience to help organise and curate exhibitions with the exhibitions team.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

I'll Show You Mine exhibition

I recently took part in an exhibition held in a house in Leeds. I really liked the idea that the exhibition was held in a house because it allowed the audience and the exhibitors to communicate and break down the barriers that normally separate the two in White Cube galleries. The exhibition was a great success, the show looked brilliant and the collective Leon Co, who organised the exhibition did a great job curating the whole thing. It was a great chance for LCA students across strands and year groups to come together and exhibit what they've got.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Volunteering at the British Art Show 8

I've volunteered to invigilate at the British Art Show 8 at Leeds City Gallery, it's been a great experience to see how they have put it together and how the exhibition is organised throughout the time is is on display. I've met some great people while volunteering at the gallery as well, and what their roles are and how they all work together as a team to manage the gallery. I learnt a lot about the pieces on display in the exhibition as well and was able to confidently talk about the artwork to the public who asked questions about the art. Sorry about the picture, but this is me looking very excited on my first morning shift at the gallery in the staff room!!

Friday, 6 November 2015

Royal Academy of Art: visit from current students

This was a fantastic opportunity to hear what it's like studying at MA level at the Royal Academy. They were very down to earth and were happy to talk with us as a group and individually giving tutorials and advice.