Tuesday, 26 January 2016

East Street Arts Project Space

I have applied and gotten a place on the East Street Arts temporary studio space, I intend to develop my display of my work especially thinking about degree show, also there is a second hand furniture store next door which will be a great resource! Hopefully I will be able to work in a larger scale and develop my practice with a bit more space. It is beginning next month so watch this space!

Life After College

Life After College has been a good resource this year to gain some advice for leaving university. There have been speakers from different creative backgrounds taking about how to apply for jobs in the creative industry and what we can do to help ourselves get the best opportunity.
Some of it has been a bit hit and miss though, the advice for doing a Master's wasn't very helpful and some of the information evenings are very basic. But talking to individuals about their experience and having talks from people from the Hepworth was a good chance to find out more information in other areas of fine art such as curating.