Saturday, 12 December 2015

Artist talk: Lydia Braithwaite

Lydia Braithwaite is our creative in residence for the sculpture strand. I remember her work from last year s she was in the year above me, so this was a great opportunity to hear from someone who is close to where I am as an artist, and to gain some advice. Since graduating she has been applying to competitions and galleries to get her work on show and gain experience, the creative in residency is a great opportunity to gain advice and a stepping stone to heading out and 'making it' after university. Continuing to develop her work in the studio and workshops.
It was great to hear encouraging advice from a recent graduate about third year and the dissertation. She was really nice and supportive of us, great sympathy! Encouraging us to look forward to extended practice and degree show. She said she would highly recommend taking part in Free Range exhibition in London as well as it was a great learning experience. She had a brilliant artist's website and blog that she had developed since first year showing a chronology of her experience and development at LCA.

Her work in the first term in third year worked with copper and her main material as it had associations with her Dad who is a plumber, working with that relationship to develop her own material practice and subverting the traditional use of copper and creating body extensions and wearable sculpture.

Taking this idea further in her extended practice module and creating wearable sculpture, developing the use of light and photography to break up the image of the body with reflective material often found on hi vis jackets, no longer working with copper but more mono chrome material.

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